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Pump Maintenance

By signing up for the KRYTEM pump maintenance program, our customers are in a position to calculate quite accurately the cost of operating and maintaining their pumps over their expected lifetime. The following services are covered by the program:

  • Pump head (cold end) maintenance and overhaul, annual inspection and standby technical support at flat rates.
  • Maintenance of mechanical pump components, repairs and spare parts at list prices.

Only simple maintenance work is performed by our customer’s own staff, such as switching pump heads on-site, which forms the basis on which our pump maintenance program is built: When the pump head in service is due for scheduled maintenance (typically after about 1500 hours of operation), our customer will replace it with a backup pump head he keeps in inventory or obtain a replacement from us. Of course, KRYTEM personnel will gladly perform this work on behalf of the customer, if required. The ensuing downtime of the pump is about 20-30 minutes. The maintenance or overhaul of pump heads is performed in our workshop and covered by a new performance warranty.

KRYTEM crank drive maintenance is essentially limited to an annual oil change. If requested by our client, we will use oxygen-compatible lubricant rather than standard transmission fluid.