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Skid-Mounted High-Pressure Gas Supply Units

HIPREX 460.O/420 with optional valve panel and small size buffer
Multiple industrial production processes require an intermittent or continuous gas supply at an elevated pressure level from a local cryogenic liquid storage vessel. For such applications KRYTEM developed the HIPREX plant design covering a demand up to several hundred cubic metres an hour at medium to high interface pressure from a single skid-mounted unit that facilitates easy and economic installation, operation and maintenance.

The standard HIPREX unit includes:

  • a VSAH type cryogenic reciprocating pumps for thermosyphon tank installation
  • a matching CONVEX ambient air heated vaporiser
  • a control panel, valves and instruments for semi-automatic operation,
    standard design: relay logic with ON/OFF control for buffer charging
    including gas temperature monitoring and cold embrittlement trip
  • a solid dip-galvanised structural steel frame designed for transport and easy local set-up.

Each HIPREX size is designed not to exceed 20 ft ISO container dimensions in order to facilitate an economic transport. HIPREX units for more than 200 Nm³/h feature a pivot at the ground support of the ambient vaporiser that allows to fold the fin-tube unit down for transport purposes.


  • an additional pump for redundancy
  • monel design for oxygen plants,
    featuring TLCM type pumps instead of VSAH and CONVEX HDM type ambient vaporisers
  • an integrated small size buffer up to design pressure
  • a CENTREX AL type electric trim heater for gas temperature increase
  • a discharge valve manifold or a pressure regulation unit
  • steady flow control with a variable speed drive
  • valves and instrumentation for fully automated operation, including automatic switch-over of redundant pumps
  • PLC control with a remote support module
  • control options for cylinder filling (e.g. limitation of the pressure increase velocity)

Technical Data

media HIPREX …N: N2, Ar
HIPREX …X: LNG / Methane / Natural Gas
standard design pressure 250 / 420 bar (others on demand)
process fluid inlet temperature >-196°C
outlet temperature 0 to 30°C below ambient temperature (higher temp. optional)
capacity up to 10 l/min pump capacity
(370 Nm3/h N2 / 460 Nm3/h O2)
connections metal-to-metal threaded connections
(others available upon request)
materials Pressurised parts:1.4541, 1.4571 / 2.4360
Frame: S235JR hot-dip galvanised / 1.4301