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Cryogenic supply systems

Transfer systems for cryogenic media are always tailored to the specific needs of the customer and on-site conditions.

In addition to vacuum super-insulated transfer lines with Johnston-type couplings (male + female connector) and vacuum super-insulated welded connectors, a variety of other vacuum-insulated products are available from KRYTEM, such as

  • hand valves, electro-pneumatic valves and solenoid valves,
  • control valves,
  • temperatur sensors, flow meters and pressure transmitters
  • automatic vent valves,
  • gas traps,
  • phase separators,
  • nitrogen super-coolers

The use of liquid cryogenic media, such as nitrogen, for industrial and scientific
applications mostly requires more than just a vacuum-insulated piping system to
connect the storage vessel with the point of use.

Inside the tank, pressure conditions and the temperature of the medium typically fluctuate. However, at the point of use, a specific reproducible condition often is required, such as a specific pressure and gas-free medium or a medium in a stable state of pressurisation that generates as little gas as possible when its pressure drops to ambient pressure levels. Therefore, KRYTEM offers several ways of nitrogen conditioning.