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High Capacity Pumps

High Performance Cryogenic Pumps for LNG Injection and Nitrogen Supply Systems


Regulations designed to limit sulphur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from ship exhausts in designated Emission Control Areas (ECAs) force ship operators trading in such areas to equip their vessels with environmentally friendly LNG or methanol fuelled propulsion systems.

Against this background, KRYTEM and Wepuko Pahnke, a leading manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic pumps, jointly developed the HLE high performance pump series. The innovative system delivers up to 400 l/min of cryogenic fuel (equivalent to
12 t/h LNG) for the injection into dual-fuel two-stroke diesel engines under high pressure. The system is also suited for high-capacity supplies of nitrogen both on-shore and off-shore.

The HLEP cold end design features a piston-integrated suction valve that supports a low NPSH requirement. A newly designed seal system facilitates the replacement of the piston rod seal packing at the end of its service life.

To provide the wide flow capacity range that is necessary for marine propulsion systems, the Wepuko Pahnke high performance crank drive system was optimised for a wide turn-down ratio. Depending on the particular load conditions, crank speeds of 20 strokes per minute
or less are possible.