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Electric Vaporisers and Gas Heaters

In comparison to process (waste) heat or ambient air electric power is a quite expensive source of energy for thermal processes. However, in many cases it is the only reasonably or reliably available energy and it is easy to handle.

KRYTEM has developed a number of different vaporiser and gas heater concepts which either utilise water or a solid aluminium core for heat transfer to the process medium. Low power gas heaters may also feature direct contact heat transfer for the stainless electrical heater elements.

Ex-proof heater versions according to ATEX directive are available for both gas and dust environments.



  • evaporation of small to medium-sized amounts of gas at low to high operating pressures
    for the supply of processes and the filling of industrial gases
  • heating of gas downstream from evaporators that extract thermal energy from the ambient air
  • evaporation / heating of gas without connection to heated water plumbing or the use of fuel
  • models approved for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres are available

Design Features

  • compact, space-saving design
  • no direct contact between the process medium and the heating elements, resulting in minimal wear
  • permanent, non-pressurized liquid or solid heat carrier on the inside
  • configured to be mounted vertically (standard) or horizontally (some designs)

Technical Data

media N2, O2, Ar, CO2, He, H2, CH4, LNG
inlet temperature -269°C to -20°C
outlet temperature 0 to +60°C ±15°C (±1°C with thyristor control)
max. operating
up to 800 bar
capacity up to 3000 Nm3/h – up to 300 kW (higher capacity available per request)
heat carrier water or water-glycol bath (CENTREX WBH, PAREX E)
aluminum core (CENTREX AL)
control temperature reading via a resistance sensor in the outlet; dual-step or multi-step control,
or microprocessor controlled PI control
overheat protection integrated in heating element
power supply 230 / 400 V – 50 Hz (standard)
connections flanged or threaded connections
materials 1.4541, 1.4571, aluminum
insulation dependent upon gas temperature and ambient temperature