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TL Series

High Pressure Cryogenic Ricprocating Pumps

KRYTEM TL High Pressure Pumps are mostly used for high pressure cylinder filling liquefied of industrial gases. Being intended for cryogenic liquids in the temperature range <-50°C – such as argon, nitrogen, oxygen and LNG – TLC pump heads feature a vacuum-insulation that reduces the ingress of ambient heat significantly. TLA type cold ends lack such insulation since they are designated for warmer liquids, typically >-50°C, such as carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide.


TL pumps are designed for filling pressures of up to 800 bar. Custom-made pumps for filling pressures higher than 800 bar can be supplied upon request. The TL standard capacity ranges up to 40 l/min (with duplex drive).

The inlet valve of TL pumps is located centrally in the direction of flow in front of the piston. The valve opens after the push stroke allowing the medium behind it to flow into the cylinder. Due to a careful balancing of the inertial and reset forces acting on the pump components, there are only slight differences in pressure when the medium flows into the cylinder. Thus, cavitation is reduced to a minimum. The transfer medium, heated by the absorption of frictional energy and heat caused by compression inside the pump, is circulated back to the tank via the gas return located in the rear. The extremely robust and wear-resistant design of the pressure valves results in low maintenance costs and high operational reliability.

Standard TL pumps feature a belt driven simplex or duplex F-type eccentric drive unit of 45 or 60 mm stroke length. They are mounted – along with all pertinent accessories, ready to be connected – on a frame made from galvanised steel sections. Beyond the standard models a triple-headed pump configuration makes it possible to achieve very high discharge rates even in the presence of high ultimate pressures. For low flow rates and/or reduced ultimate pressures, a 30mm stroke drive with an integrated transmission can be used.

TL pumps are available with dual speed motors or speed controllers, and with explosion-protection for applications involving flammable or explosive media. TLC pumps for filling liquid oxygen are available with medium-wetted parts made from Monel (Type TLCM). Oxygen-compatible gear lubricants are available for Type F and DF eccentric drives.

Design features

  • the pump head is isolated from the drive to prevent physical contact between the discharge medium and lubricants;
  • a shear ring coupling between pump head and drive shields the pump against unacceptable mechanical stress;
  • heated piston rod seals allow shutdown and restart without pressure relief or suction side warm-up;
  • a PTFE bellows protects the piston rod against ice formation caused by moisture in the ambient air;
  • a temperature-controlled warning system is integrated in the pump head to protect against unacceptable spreading of cold due to leaks;
  • a pulsation damper reduces vibration caused by pressure pulsation;
  • a Monel cold-end version (TLC-M) and oxygen-compatible lubrication is available;
  • various control options are available featuring stepwise or variable speed / pressure / flow control, automatic start routine, stuffing box temperature control and dry run protection; PLC controls are available with a remote service option.